The Houston Budokan

Not just a building ....

Shinto Shrine at the Houston BudokanWe practice ZNKR iaido and kendo under the guidance of Sensei Darrell Craig of the Houston Budokan, Inc.

A budokan teaches a minimum of five different martial arts. The Houston Budokan is a free standing dojo with regular classes in kendo, iaido, judo, karate, and jujitsu, with special classes in other arts.

Here's a sneak peak of the places and people of the Houston Budokan. Most photos courtesy of Nima and Rose.

Karate Beer Budokan Sign Budokan side yard Railroad tracks in the Budokan back yard. Remnant of Tamashigiri Don't know the story yet.


Montage courtesy of Nima (with special thanks to Phyllis).

All sorts of interesting stuff Taihojitsu Bogu
Armor at the Houston Budokan
Judo Champions at the Houston Budokan Memories at the Houston Budokan
 Noren to the Men's Locker Room Fun stuff on the walls Noren to the Sensei Dressing Room 


You'll hear us talk about our fellow students and instructors on a regular basis. Here are some pictures of the Houston folks we hope you'll have the opportunity to meet and train with.

 Koga Sensei helps a young student with kendo kata at the 2005 Houston Matsuri. Sensei Claudia Smith with Rose at the 2005 Houston Matsuri. Sensei Morton demonstrates mugai-ryu at the 2005 Houston Matsuri while Ben watches. Sensei Rick TheBerge judging at the 2005 Austin taikai (thanks to Peter for the pic). Sensei Mark Kerstein judging at the 2005 Austin takai (thanks to Peter for the pic). Darren Craig at Rice Pounding Jan 2008

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