RCIKK T-Shirts

Only $10 for nonmembers and $5 for club members. Please contact the webmaster for pickup or shipping details. (Members interested in having the round logo embroidered on a polo shirt or other item should ask the webmaster for details).

Our 100% cotton t-shirt is available in a variety of sizes (children's and adult's) and colors (grey, green, beige). Sorry, the design is only available in dark blue ink. NEWSFLASH: only limited colors and sizes are left.

front of shirtThe front of the t-shirt features our round logo or mon: a silhouette of an iai student performing a kata and surrounded by the name of our club.






back of shirtThe back of the t-shirt is another silhouette of a swordsman, this one performing jodan. Our website address appears below the silhouette.






shirt in actionThanks to Phyllis and Will, here's an action shot of our t-shirt model and "fencing partner" or uke (one who receives the technique).