Estimated Costs


Membership is $35/month, due on the first of each month. We do not use contracts, but we ask new students to make a non-refundable, three-month commitment as outlined below.

 New Students (studying kendo and/or iaido) = Typical Payment $135:

prepaid monthly dues $35 x 3 months: $105
equipment bokken: $15
shinai: $15
sword bag: $15
total initial cost $150 (+ knee pads - iaido only)
uniform* knee pads (needed for iaido only): $20-35+

* Beginners should wear dark, loose-fitting clothes (like sweat pants and t-shirts), and iaido students should also wear knee pads. These thin, neoprene knee pads are also called "braces" and are usually found in the weight lifting area of sports equipment stores.


Additional Long-Term Costs (after six months):

monthly/annual dues $35/$420 (covers both kendo & iaido)

additional shinai: $20+
for iaido: iaito $300-600+
for kendo
: bogu $400-1500+

uniform** $75-150+
Federation annual dues $65 adults (required for testing, competition)

** Iaido students who also study kendo are encouraged to buy a navy hakama and navy uwagi, which allows the uniform to double as a kendo uniform. Before purchasing a uniform, please consult with Joe regarding sizing.


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