Sensei Darrell Craig

We practice ZNKR iaido and kendo under the guidance of Sensei Darrell Craig of the Houston Budokan, Inc. Sensei Craig's various martial ranks include:

In 1956 while assigned to the Third Marine Division in Yokuska, Japan, Mr. Craig received his initiation into the martial arts. He began his career of study with the art of karate under Master Gogen Yamaguchi of the Goju School. It was during this initial period of study that he developed an intense personal interest in the philosophical, cultural, and historical foundations of a discipline that can be most closely described by the term "art."

Transferred to Okinawa in 1958, Mr. Craig was afforded the opportunity to study under Sensei Z. Shimabuku. In Okinawa, Mr. Craig furthered his study of Karate and began a study of Okinawan weapons, a style of weaponry historically unique to that island. 

Upon discharge from the U.S. Marine Corp, Mr. Craig enrolled at Arlington State University. Taking a degree in business, he then moved to Houston, where, for the last two decades, he has channeled his interests into several of the disciplines which comprise the martial arts. As self-defense instructor for the Houston Police Department, Mr. Craig has received commendations from the Houston S.W.A.T Division for distinguished meritorious service.Sensei Craig teaches in San Antonio, 2007.

Mr. Craig received the highest recognition in his career in 1973, when he was awarded the title of Renshi Shihan or "Master Teacher." Shihan is the historical title of the army of the feudal warlords and has been retained as a term of great respect in modern Japan. In 2001 during a trip to Japan, Mr. Craig received a Shogo Title promotion to "Kyoshi," an advanced teaching title.


Mr. Craig is the author of several books:

Iai-Jutsu : The Art of Japanese Swordsmanship 

Iai-jitsu : Center of the Circle 

Iai: The Art of Drawing the Sword 

Japan's Ultimate Martial Art: Ju Jutsu Before 1882

The Heart of Kendo

Shitan-Te The Bunkai of Karate Kata (with Paul Anderson)

Mugai Ryu: The Classical Samurai Art of Drawing the Sword

The Way of Kendo & Kenjitsu: Soul of the Samurai

Other highlights of Sensei Craig's career include:

Mr. Craig belongs to the following organizations:

Sensei at the October 2003 AUSKF Summer Camp (Citadel, Charleston, SC):

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