ZNKR Exercises

This page summarizes the drills used during ZNKR iaido classes.



We bow when we enter or leave the dance studio and at the beginning and ending of class. Keep your heels together and bend from the waist, keeping the back and head straight. Reserve deeper bows for honored guests (sensei).


one ichi
two ni
three san
four shi
five go
six roku
seven shichi
eight hacki
nine ku
ju joo

Iaido Empty-Handed Exercises/Warm-ups:

neck left, right, forward, back, around in each direction
hand/wrist twisting down, right and then left
hands palm up, palm down
wrists twisting motion, circles
te-no-uchi contracting pinkies to thumb in sequence
shoulder rotations
chest stepping forward and expanding arms
side stretches side to side stretches
back stretches bending over and then reaching up
waist twisting twist from the waist, not arms
knee rotations left, then right
deep knee bends practicing sonkyu
ankle rotation left, then right
jumping up and down
leg stretches shallow, then more deeply
calf stretches left, then right
groin stretches left leg, then right leg
leg stand practicing a central move of the first kata

Iaido Sword Exercises:

matawari   learning to move from the hips
tatehiza suburi    cut from the hips
suburi   cutting down the center
kesagiri   cutting at an angle
makkogiri big rolling cut
kiritsuke standing horizontal cut
nukitsuke new-kit-skay kneeling horizontal cut
chiburi   cleansing the blade


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