Kendo Exercises



We bow when we enter or leave the dance studio and at the beginning and ending of class. Keep your heels together and bend from the waist, keeping the back and head straight. Reserve deeper bows for honored guests (sensei).


one ichi
two ni
three san
four shi
five go
six roku
seven shichi
eight hachi
nine ku
ten ju

Warm-up Suburi Exercises:

jogeburi/nanameburi overhead/diagonal stretching cut
sho-men/yoko-men center/side head cut
ashi sabaki footwork drill
katate suburi left-handed exercise
haya suburi fast sho-men exercise
shin kokyuu deep breathing


ashi sabaki

footwork drills

men/kote/do uchi-komi (cutting drills)
nidan/sandan waza multi-cut attacks
kiri-kaeshi cutting drill

Kendo kihon (basics) are followed by waza (technique) drills, keiko (practice) and kakari geiko (attack practice).


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