Holiday Party - December 2001:

Thanks to Bryan and Dawn for hosting the video Christmas party.


Farewell to Saka-San - September 2001:

Thanks to the Defense Language Institute, we again enjoyed the guest instruction and wonderful company of a Japan Air Force pilot. We were sad to see Saka-san move on to his next assignment.

Sakan-San & Ian Saka-San & Joe Saka-san Parting Gift


Why a cemetery in Omura City, Japan?

O-Sensei Chiba's Resting PlaceIn August 2001, Sensei Darrell Craig invited Joe and Rose to join the Houston Budokan in traveling to Japan to meet with the Japanese friends of the Houston Budokan, including the the current head of the Hokushin Itto Ryu, Toshitane Chiba of Osaka. During this trip, Joe had the honor of practicing kendo in some of the most important dojo of Japan. He even competed (and was quickly "killed") in a takai.

One of the highlights of the trip was a very emotional visit to the gravesite of Sensei Craig's instructor, Harutane Chiba (1924-1993). You can learn more about Harutane Chiba by reading "The Heart of Kendo."


Kendo Takai (Osaka, Japan) - August 2001:

takai1 Sensei Chiba Sensei Chiba & grandson

Sensei Toshitane Chiba arranged for the Chiba related dojos in Osaka to participate in tournament. Sensei Darrell Craig, Paul Anderson, and Joe represented Texas and the Chiba connection here. The last two pictures feature Sensei Chiba and the next generation of Chiba kendoka.


Kendo Practice (Chiba Dojo, Osaka, Japan) - August 2001:

group kidsgroup kids post-kendo party Chiba Sensei gives Joe a gift

The Chiba Dojo in Osaka is large enough to have an entire class devoted to teaching children. One night after practice, the Chiba Dojo hosted a special "picnic" dinner for the members of the Houston Budokan. We partied right on the dojo floor. Chiba Sensei presented everyone with a special gift he had hand selected from a local pottery.

Farewell To Isayama-San - July 2001: 

We were very fortunate to have Senji Isayama as our guest instructor for several months. Isayama-san, a pilot for the Japan Air Force, was stationed here in San Antonio at the famed Defense Language Institute.

Group Shot With Isayama-San Another Group Shot with Isayama-San Outside the Usual Party Place
Parting Gifts Showing off the Rug


Kendo Practice - July 2001: 

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ZNKR Iaido Practice - July 2001:

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Kendo Taikai (Dallas, TX) - April 2001:

The Texas Open Kendo Taikai team kendo tournament was started in 1999 by the Dallas Fort Worth Kendo and Iaido Kyokai. The tournament is open to participants of yon dan (4th degree black belt) and above who are current or prospective members of the AUSKF and the International Kendo Federation (IKF). We were lucky to have an entry on behalf of RCIKK this year and even more lucky and blessed when our guest instructor, Shinji Isayama, took second place.


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