Holiday Party - December 2003:

Thank you to the Penry family for hosting our holiday party.


Kendo Guest Instruction - December 16 & 18, 2003:Dec 03 Guest

David Armstrong of the Northern Virginia Budokai was visiting San Antonio on business and was kind enough to bring his bogu and practice kendo with us. Thank you, David! Please come again!

From left to right: Joe Sheldon, Ian Penry, David Armstrong, Bill Centrella, Bob Narvaez, Will Shown.


Kendo Takai (Austin, TX) - November 9, 2003:

Group Austin Takai We had a great time at the Second Longhorn Invitational Team Kendo Taikai! The Austin Kendo Doshikai was especially appreciative of those RCIKK students who helped out. The Austin folks also encouraged us to field a team of our own next year.

Our HeroWhile we enjoyed watching all the teams, we were happy to specially support our friends at the Houston Budokan. Here's a picture of Grant Grant, a sankyu who defeated a sandan in an explosive and exciting match. The Budokan's "A" team took second place, while first place went to the New York "A" team (Kenshinkai). Third place was shared by the Austin "A" team and the College-Station "A" team (Texas A&M Kendo Kyokai).

Not only did we have a fun time learning about kendo tournaments, we had the opportunity to meet briefly with Sensei Craig. And we enjoyed the opportunity of watching Joe join the goodwill keiko and gain a few new bruises.


MJER Iaido Seminar (Denton, TX) - Oct. 31/Nov. 2, 2003:

The First Annual United States Iaido Embukai in Denton, TX was an overwhelming success.  Although this is the third year Denton Dojo has hosted a Fall seminar/embu, in previous years it was more of a quiet gathering of North American Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu instructors and students for the purpose of practice and fellowship.  This year, John Ray Sensei made it a formal event.

MJER Fall Seminar


Demonstration - October 18, 2003:





We gave two demonstrations at the Japan Day Matsuri (festival) held at the San Antonio Main Library, featuring MJER iaido, ZNKR iaido, and kendo kata. We were celebrating the public library's 100th anniversary and 150 years of Japanese-American relations. The event was co-sponsored by the San Antonio Public Library and the Japan America Society of San Antonio (of which RCIKK is a member). 

kendo kata


August 2003:

In August, Robert Stroud Sensei of Obukan Kendo Club, Hillsboro, Oregon, paid us a visit. Be sure to visit him at BoguBag.com.


June 2003:

In June, Diane attended the Canadian Iaido Association seminar with Esaka Sensei in Victoria, BC while Joe and Rose attended Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation ZNKR Iaido seminar in Seattle with Noguchi Sensei.


May 2003:

In May, we gave a demonstration at the San Antonio Japanese Sword & Art Show Sale and hosted a goodwill keiko for all comers.

May also brought a visit from Sensei Scott Irey and Sempai Anthony Pope, who introduced Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (MJER) Iaido to San Antonio. At this time, Diane decided to devote her entire attention to the study of MJER and, under Sensei Irey's guidance, began a class devoted to the preservation of this koryu. Classes in ZNKR iaido and kendo continued.


April 2003:

In April, we gave a demonstration at the Japanese Water Gems Festival in Marion, Texas.


February 2003:

 In February, RCIKK participated in the Asian New Year Festival. February also saw us cancel class to see the Kodo Drummers.

 Diane at Mike's Table of Goods at the Festival Demo at Asian New Year 2003


January 1, 2003:

As usual, 2003 began with our traditional cutting ceremony (slicing newspaper with iaito and bokken).



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