Holiday Party - December 1, 2007:

Back by popular demand, the second annual White Elephant with new rules to allow for three "steals" before an item is retired. White elephants are a huge deal in Tatiana's family, so she and Marco had a strategy to land up with some card holders on the third steal. They were very proud of themselves until Joe and his mom out strategized them with the glass jar with the club logo engraved on it.


Team Tryouts (Long Beach, CA) - November 4, 2007:

For fun and experience, Marco traveled to Long Beach, outside Los Angeles, California, to participate in the tryouts for the All US Kendo Federation's national team. The teams (one men's, one women's) will compete in the 14th World Kendo Championships to be held in Brazil in 2009. Selections are made on a regional basis, east versus west.

Thank you to Flickr's DRal10 for the group photo.


Demonstration - October 20, 2007:

Mario explains the fine points of kendo to a young admirer.Each year, the Japan America Society of San Antonio works with the San Antonio Public Library to bring a Japanese-style festival or matsuri to the main library.  We enjoy supporting this JASSA event. This year's festival was particularly fun and well attended.

We demonstrated iaido and kendo kata outside, and kendo. in the auditorium. The kendo was so loud that some of the small children in attendance were scared!

San Antonio Iaido MJER JASSA Kendo San Antonio Youth Kendo San Antonio


RCIKK Goes To Chicago - October 16, 2007:

Sensei MatsumotoMarco's turning into our official ambassador, as work took him to Chicago and kendo practice at the Chicago Kendo Dojo. Matsumoto Sensei remembered O-Sensei Chiba and shared many wonderful stories with Marco.



Kendo Takai (Austin, TX) - October 7, 2007:

This year, 14 teams from 9 clubs throughout Texas, Mexico, New York, and California competed in the "Longhorn Invitational Team Kendo Taikai." RCIKK wanted to send two teams, but ultimately decided on sending one team and a crew of supporters. Sensei Chiba was an honored guest, and his son competed on the Houston A team.

Suiting Up Warming up Sensei Chiba watches the taikai.

The competition has a fixed team order of five players, who compete in 3-minute matches. The matches are 3-pon shoubu. The top 2 teams from each block advance to the final rounds. If points are tied, a play-off will be conducted with 1-pon shoubu order. Imagine our surprise when RCIKK was tied in wins and points with another team. Marco, as our team captain, fought a play-off with great spirit! Although we did not advance, we made our best showing yet. Congratulations, team!

  2007 RCIKK Taikai Team


Chiba Family Visit To Houston - October 4-9, 2007:

Sensei Toshitane ChibaTsunatane

Sensei Toshitane Chiba and his son, Tsunatane Chiba, came to Houston for a short visit. The special practices held in honor of the Chiba family were intense but fun. It was great that Joe and Marco were able to make some of the events.

  Chiba Family at the Budokan Special Practice at the Budokan Three Teachers at Work Making More History  Chiba-San Experience Texas Size Dinner A Kendo Cake For Every Event Party before the Taikai


RCIKK Goes To Cancun - July 31 & August 1, 2007:

Not only was Tatiana gracious enough to have a cake in the shape of a kendo men at her wedding, she even indulged Marco's desire to practice kendo on their honeymoon in Cancun (July 31 and August 1). What a wonderful lady.

 Marco in Cancun Cancun Kenshi

Thank you, Cancun Kenshi.


A Day of Joy & Sadness - July 28, 2007:

Congratulations, Marco and Tatiana!
(Pictures to follow)

As the new life of Marco and Tatiana was beginning, another life dear to us was ending. "Mr. D.," the father of two of the younger kendo students, unexpectedly but quietly passed away in his sleep. Mr. D. was one of those energetic and outgoing parents who attended each class and supported not only his children's efforts, but the entire club. His loss will be felt by all.


AUSKF National Iaido Camp (Omaha, NE) - July 26-27, 2007:

Joe said it was the best camp he's ever attended. Thank you, Steve, and your entire club! And congratulations, David!

Joe & David Camp Instructors


Newest Kendoka - July 19, 2007:

Future San Antonio Kendoka

Congratulations, Christina and Paul, on the birth of your sons!




AUSKF National Kendo Camp (Atlanta, GA) - June 29-30, 2007:

Atlanta KeikoWe always feel lucky to have a member attend one of the national training events. Marco had a wonderful time.



Kendo & ZNKR Iaido Testing - June 24, 2007:

Early planning. Transforming the Dance Studio

Everyone really pulled together to make the regional testing a successful event. We had over 30 participants from south Texas and Mexico. Special thanks to the SUSKIF judges and our photographers, Paul and Tatiana.

 Bowing in before iaido testing. Completing the written exam. Kendo testing.


Demonstration - May 26, 2007:

Thanks to Rose and Joe for demonstrating ZNKR iaido at Fort Sam Houston during its Asian Pacific Islander Expo.


Demonstration - May 5, 2007:

Thank you to Joe, Marco, Michael, Phyllis, and Scott for giving demonstrations at the JASSA Kumamoto En at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.


Kendo Taikai (Dallas, TX) - April 21, 2007:

The Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai sponsors an individual kendo tournament every two years. As you can see, we sent a large group this year to compete. Congratulations everyone for fighting hard and representing us so well.

Scott advanced the most. Del had fun. kendo by Ian kendo in San Antonio  The obligatory group shot. Smile, James! Watching carefully.


Kendo Seminar - March 24, 2007:

In the middle of the fun.Thank you, Sensei Craig and Sensei Smith, for traveling to San Antonio to teach us about Japanese swords and to give us instruction in iaido and kendo.

Reflections of iai by Sensei Craig and Sensei Claudia Smith Proper sword handling Real swords inform kendo 

Thank you also to our friends from Laredo, who joined us for this special event. We're particularly grateful to the Velasquez family for practicing with us, especially since it was Bianca's birthday. It was kind of Sensei to remember her and to sign books for the youngest RCIKK students.Signed books!Happy Birthday!

Not only did Sensei Craig help us to understand fighting from a wheelchair, he graciously took on our most eager fighter, who also happens to be our yougest fighter.

 Sensei Craig & Ian do kendo from wheelchairs Someone was eager to fight! It's never too early to learn


Demonstration - February 10, 2007:

We celebrated the Year of the Boar at the coldest Asian Festival that San Antonio can remember. At least it didn't rain. The martial arts demonstrations were relocated to the "back 40," beneath a large tent. While the grass was uneven, it was an improvement over the gravel area used in the past. At least it gave us another opportunity to demonstrate kendo, in addition to iaido. We had fun with our four demonstration times. We proudly showed off some of our youngest members.

Kendo Warmups in the Shadow of the Alamo Dome. Always a challenge to practice in the grass. San Antonio Kendo at the Asian Festival 2007.


Budokan Matsuri (Houston, TX) - January 7, 2007:

One of the Budokan's traditions is an annual party for all members of the dojo to celebrate the new year by making mochi (sweet rice balls). The shinto shrine that came from Japan is also opened to fresh mochi and much fan fare. The festival is open to all the Budokan martial artists, but of course we think kendo and iaido students make the best rice pounders.

Sensei shares his 47 ronin whistle sake cup. Marco tries to give Tatiana advice about rice pounding. Joe and Sensei Kogo The final product. Sensei explains the shrine.


New Year's Practice - January 1, 2007:

Cut with the grain.We celebrate the new year with a special practice on new year's day devoted to cutting paper. It's harder than it looks, but it can be done with a bokken, which Drew aptly proved. This was the first year we were able to hold the New Year's class on the kid's kendo floor.

A good cut with a bokken WILL slice paper. Someone's being silly. Remains of the day.



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