JASSA Fall Matsuri - October 9, 2010

The Japan America Society of San Antonio held its annual Fall Matsuri in conjuction with the Koi Festival at Water Garden Gems.


Longhorn Invitational Team Taikai - October 3, 2010

RCIKK competed in the annual Longhorn Invitational Team Taikai and had its best showing ever - 3rd place!


Visitor From the Netherlands - August 10, 2010

Sjoerd Kater of the Netherlands was visiting relatives near San Antonio and joined us for practice.


AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp - June 9 - 13, 2010

RCIKK and SUSKIF hosted the AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp at Trinity University.


Kumamoto En Day - May 8, 2010

RCIKK gave several demos during Kumamoto En Day at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.


Bill's Farewell Practice - Apr 22, 2010

Longtime RCIKK member Bill Centrella is moving back to his home state of Pennsylvania. We'll miss you, Bill! Remember to look out for the cloistered nana-dan! And we thought Lancaster County was all about the Amish...


SUSKIF Kendo Testing - Apr 18, 2010

Congrats to RCIKK members Richard for passing sankyu, Del for passing nikyu, and Phyllis for passing shodan! Also to Houston Budokan members Ben for passing nidan and Shamina for passing ikkyu.

Many of those testing (and some not testing) attended keiko the evening before testing then went to a local watering hole where the University of Houston Cougars Kendo Club had something of a bonding experience involving pink nail polish.


Above are some pictures from the kata portion of the shinsa.


In Memory of Amy Forsyth - Apr 5, 2010:

Amy was a kendo student at the Houston Budokan who overcame a number of difficulties in her desire to practice kendo. Amy was a prolific translater of Anime and Manga. Her strength of character is a lesson for us all. We'll miss you, Amy.

Amy's Obituary

Amy's Work as a Translator


Asian Festival - Feb 20, 2010:

The 2010 Asian Festival celebrated the Year of the Tiger.


Marco loves to introduce kendo to the younger attendees of the Asian Festival. Del was a real trooper and performed motodachi duties for all the potential kenshi.


Ron shows a young lady how to pressure an opponent.


Dave made his own Samurai armor and he did a great job! It was a big hit - everyone wanted to take his picture.


Ron and Joe get some keiko time.

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